New Design Detail
pictured above: Tropication K.K.mono converted to Geared Peg Rokushin / Matte Black finish / Gotoh Stealth SB4 black. Total cost = $448.00 (K.K.mono) + $466.00 (Rokushin conversion) = $914.00. *** Strings are attached, alternating between Okinawan (white, heaver gauge) and Oshima (yellow, lighter gauge). 6th → Okinawan male string, 5th → Oshima male string, 4th → Okinawan middle string, 3rd → Oshima middle string, 2nd → Okinawan female string, 1st → Oshima female string.

Neck Design

A Guitar craftsmen and a sanshin artisan worked together to create something original for the ironwood neck. The design of the sou is a result of combining each other’s skills and knowledge.


Choose between Matt Black or Cherry Brown finish for the neck (sou). Both finishes bring out the metallic color of the pegs.

Geared Peg ・ Gotoh Stealth Key

Gotoh’s newest model, the Stealth Key, is the smallest and lightest geared peg in the world (1/2 to 1/3 the weight of ordinary guitar machine heads). Despite the light weight, it is extremely durable and allows for easier and more precise tuning when compared with a conventional peg.
Please note: Each custom order will take approximately two weeks to complete.
Geared Peg sanshin conversions are available for all sanshin purchased from the Asoviva web site,
and also for customers who wish to convert a sanshin they already own.
■ For customers wanting to convert a sanshin on the Asoviva web site:
1. Add your sanshin of choice to the cart.
2. Add either the Geared Peg Sanshin or Geared Peg Rokushin Conversion to the cart.
3. Check out.
■ For customers wanting to convert a sanshin they already own:
1. Add either the Geared Peg Sanshin or Geared Peg Rokushin Conversion to the cart.
2. Check out.
3. Send your sanshin to the Asoviva shop located in Yomitan Village, Okinawa. The customer will incur the cost of postage to Asoviva. We will notify you once your sanshin arrives.
4. Once your sanshin has been converted, we will dispatch your converted sanshin, along with your original neck (sou) and karakui.
Item # Item Description Finish Price(USD)
peg-2-mb Geared Peg Rokushin Conversion Matte Black $466.00
peg-2-cb Geared Peg Rokushin Conversion Cherry Brown $466.00

peg options

peg model:
[Gotoh Stealth SB2] [Gotoh Stealth SB3] [Gotoh Stealth SB4] [Gotoh Stealth SB5]

peg color:
[Silver] [Black] [Gold]

English Customer

The well-known Okinawa style instrument is the SHAMISEN; it is a three string guitar played by many of the people of Okinawa. The Shamisen has been increasing in popularity with foreign people all over the world for its beauty. The natural wood Shamisens are design with a bright color body.

We ship to five to ten different countries every month. (e.g. U.S.A, Mexico, Argentina, England, Germany, France, Greece, and Ireland) We provide a free practice manual (10 pages) in English. All songs use C.D.E chord chart so it is easy to understand for beginners. So you can recommend sending an Okinawa Shamisen to your friends, with no worries about knowing Japanese.



1,000 yen flat rate inside Japan. Free shipping on orders of 5,000 yen (Inside Japan only).


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We will ship within three business days of your order. We will contact with you if your order is out of stock.

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