– Shamisen & Sanshin Craft – ASOVIVA Nagauta Shamisen Set
  • An affordable, all-inclusive nagauta (hosozao) shamisen set perfect for beginners
  • *Warning: the beginner’s manual is provided in Japanese only
  • Manufactured by Nichiwafs Musical Instruments

Product description

Affordably priced, this authentic shamisen set includes a nagaura (hosozao) shamisen and a beginner’s manual and a wide variety of accessories, which allow everyone, even beginners, to start playing the shamisen right out of the box. The shamisen is carefully handcrafted one by one using quality karin (Chinese quince) wood for the neck and the body parts for the best sound quality. The skin is made from a type of synthetic leather specially designed for achieving durability with a great sound quality. Nagauta shamisen, smaller than Tsugaru shamisen, is a great choice for those looking for a light-weight shamisen and is also the perfect replacement for the chuzao shamisen.

Manufactured by Nichiwa’s Musical Instruments
Materials and specifications
■ Body: Chinese quince (not separable)
■ NSkin: Synthetic leather
■ Strings: Silk (the first and second strings), nylon (for the third string)
■ Dimensions: 38.58 x 8.66 x 3.74 inches
■ Weight: 2.12 lb
■ Item Weight: 3.9 pounds
Item # Finish Price(USD)
sha-nagauta – Shamisen & Sanshin Craft – ASOVIVA Nagauta Shamisen Set $900.00

Items included:

1. Tsugaru shamisen
2. Ebony itomaki (tuning pegs)
3. Tenjin cover (head cover)
4. Frets stickers
5. Neo (string retainer)
6. Doukake (side cover) with strings to attach it to the shamisen body
7. Bachi (pick)
8. Finger guard
9. Rubber mat to be placed on your knees
10. Koma (bridge) with storage box
11. Replacement nylon string
12. Beginner’s manual (in Japanese only)

English Customer

The well-known Okinawa style instrument is the SHAMISEN; it is a three string guitar played by many of the people of Okinawa. The Shamisen has been increasing in popularity with foreign people all over the world for its beauty. The natural wood Shamisens are design with a bright color body.

We ship to five to ten different countries every month. (e.g. U.S.A, Mexico, Argentina, England, Germany, France, Greece, and Ireland) We provide a free practice manual (10 pages) in English. All songs use C.D.E chord chart so it is easy to understand for beginners. So you can recommend sending an Okinawa Shamisen to your friends, with no worries about knowing Japanese.



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