and the winner is..

As maybe some of you already knows we just held our Asoviva sanshin contest on our Facebook page. As it has been our first time we didn’t have many entries but we decided to hold it anyway and we did the right thing. We have got so many new friends from all over the world, and we had so much fun for about 2 weeks! Performers where from Okinawa (Yoko, the winner), Australia (Lyndie) and Dosy from Indonesia.. Yoko got 30 likes on our page and we are going to send her our beautiful creation Island 夜の森 (Yoru no mori)!!! This is a beautiful newWood Sanshin and we are so glad to present her our instrument so that she can make us proud with her talent. We are thinking to hold a new contest at the end of this year so visit our Facebook page and stay updated!
“thank you very much!! Im glad that i could peform in this good oppotunity. Im going back to japan next month… Im going back to okinawas in this year but I dont know when… but I would like to visit you when I go back to okinawa!” Yoko San

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