FREE NewWood Sanshin to the best Sanshin Player!!!

Join the First Asoviva Sanshin Contest!!!

Send us your sanshin video by the end of May 2011 and the best sanshin performer will receive a FREE NEW WOOD Sanshin of your choice!!!

How to apply: Go to our website and choose the NEW WOOD Sanshin you would like to win (here you can find just some choices). Film yourself playing sanshin (you and only you play) and upload it on YouTube! Send us an email with the sanshin you would like to get along with your details, including name, address, email address, a contact number, and of course your sanshin video or the YouTube link!!! We will upload your video onto our Facebook page and the one receiving the most ”likes” will win a NEW WOOD SANSHIN!!! Free sanshin and free shipping (all over the world)!

..deadline is (Sun) May the 29th 2011…that day we will post all the videos for one week and the one receiving the most “likes” will get a free Sanshin from Asoviva!
.. our dream is that one day this beautiful instrument can be played in all genres of music, so your video can be your own song, a rock, pop, jazz, blues, reggae, bossa nova and of course an okinawan traditional song!
All kind of music and musicians are welcome to the First Asoviva Sanshin Contest!!!

Good luck every one,
and stay updated on Facebook!

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