Why Asoviva?

All over the world you can find good and bad, cheap and expensive sanshin, so why Asoviva? What is the peculiar characteristic that make an Asoviva Sanshin a unique piece, what is the difference between this shop and all other shop on island and all over the world? Why if you buy a sanshin from us should you feel like your sanshin is some how different from all other instruments? The main reason we are so proud about our gallery shop in Yomitan is that we are the only shop where you have more than 30 different sanshin to choose from. We do sell real and not real snake skin sanshin and we really do care about Tradition but in our shop you can actually find very modern looking instruments without loosing the typical old traditional sound!
Our modern Tropication line sanshin are original designs. They reflect the spirit and beauty of island culture and show the sanshin to truly be a universal instrument. “They look new but the sound look very old” surprised said a customer playing a Tropication sanshin in our gallery shop! This is what we love about this place, this is something that make this place different from other places: the great choice you have to make your instrument a unique instrument still enjoying the Traditional and peculiar sanshin sound.

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