Sanshin, Diving and Surfing!

surfing okinawa

surfing okinawa

When people visit Okinawa, they will simply be stunned by the beauty, and the incredible gradation in colors of Okinawan sea. Divers always look for protective points for their safety, while surfers look for totally different sea conditions. Because Okinawa is so popular place for diving, many people assume that Okinawan sea is calm and it doesn’t produce any waves. However, this is a wrong belief. From Cape Hedo in the far north to Suicide Cliffs in south, Okinawa offers many different kinds of waves in various places. In late October, as winter approaches slowly, the north winds start blowing and this produce choppy and very big waves on the east coast. Once a big low pressure pass away, the winds turns from north to north-west, which produce smaller and clean, perfect waves. This is the typical swell condition during winter through mid-March. Spring is when all surfers patiently wait for typhoon season and in June, typhoons approach near the island, which offers you some beatiful surfing days. In summer, swells last a couple of days and because the swell is created very far from the coast, waves are defined and very organized and no wind disturbs. This is the best time for surfing in Okinawa and in fact, also many surfers from overseas come look for quality waves.
Enjoy all the richness and allures of Okinawa, including Sanshin music, diving and surfing.

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  1. Russell says:

    Great Stuff, I have been a diving instructor since 1993 and I teach Scuba Diving in English and japanese language. geat Job with the English Sanshin Pages!

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