CD: Okinawa Island Songs (red)


Perfect for teaching yourself the sanshin. A selection of songs from the kunkunshi songbook of the same name. After learning the kunkunshi, play along with your favorite track.
Track Listing
1 . shimanchu nu takara 
2 . ojī jiman no orionbīru 
3 . ganbare bushi 
4 . nadasousou 
5 . irayoi tsukiyo hama 
6 . akirame nai de 
7 . warabigami 
8 . sa touki bi batake 
9.hyakumantsubuno namida 
10 . thida akara nami kirara 
11 . mangetsu no yuube 
12 . wadatsumi no ki 
13 . hana ~ subete no hito no kokoro ni hana wo ~ 
14 . bonus track ‘shima uta”

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English Customer

The well-known Okinawa style instrument is the SHAMISEN; it is a three string guitar played by many of the people of Okinawa. The Shamisen has been increasing in popularity with foreign people all over the world for its beauty. The natural wood Shamisens are design with a bright color body.

We ship to five to ten different countries every month. (e.g. U.S.A, Mexico, Argentina, England, Germany, France, Greece, and Ireland) We provide a free practice manual (10 pages) in English. All songs use C.D.E chord chart so it is easy to understand for beginners. So you can recommend sending an Okinawa Shamisen to your friends, with no worries about knowing Japanese.



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