Book: FreeStyle Sanshin PLAYGUIDE – English Translations provided


An original guide from Asoviva, showing you how to play sheet music and guitar songs using your sanshin. Extend the possiblities of your sanshin to play everything from traditional Okinawan music to your favorite Beatles track!
Every aspect of the design considered
Easy to follow chord diagrams let you find the correct positions at a glance.
A commitment to a beautiful Doumaki
Photos help to illustrate the correct finger positions.
A commitment to a beautiful Doumaki
A handy chord chart showing all the sanshin chord positions on a single page.
This is the guide included with our popular FreeStyle Sanshin Set. Each book comes with a set of stickers you can attach to the neck of your sanshin to create a 13 semi-tone scale.
Easy to understand chord diagrams, and a handy chord chart you can use as a quick reference when playing your songs.
ROCK – CLASSIC – POPS – FOLK – FUNK – JAZZ – TRADITIONAL ….the choice is yours.
Recordings for the songs included in the FreeStyle Sanshin PLAYGUIDE can be found here.
***This book is currently in Japanese, and is undergoing translation to English. Chord diagrams and songs can be easily followed. Songs are written with sheet music, guitar chords, and sanshin TAB notation. However, there are Japanese sections that you may find useful. Anyone purchasing the Japanese version of the guide is welcome to download English translations once completed.
Table of Contents
1. Parts of the sanshin and neck positions for a 13 semi-tone scale.
2. Let’s play some chords – Kira Kira Boshi (Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star).
3. Playing with arpeggios – OKINAWA POPS – Nada sou sou.
4. Adding more chord variations – JAPANESE POPS -Kiseki (Miracle), by GReeeeN.
5. Let’s solo – OLDIES – ‘Only You’, by The Platters.
6. Rhythm guitar – ACOUSTIC – ‘Flake’, by Jack Johnson.
7. Using your songbooks, and advice on transposing music.
8. Sanshin Chord Chart.
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English Customer

The well-known Okinawa style instrument is the SHAMISEN; it is a three string guitar played by many of the people of Okinawa. The Shamisen has been increasing in popularity with foreign people all over the world for its beauty. The natural wood Shamisens are design with a bright color body.

We ship to five to ten different countries every month. (e.g. U.S.A, Mexico, Argentina, England, Germany, France, Greece, and Ireland) We provide a free practice manual (10 pages) in English. All songs use C.D.E chord chart so it is easy to understand for beginners. So you can recommend sending an Okinawa Shamisen to your friends, with no worries about knowing Japanese.



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