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Asoviva design, develop, and sell handcrafted Okinawan sanshin to the world.

Started in 2006 by Youta Yamazaki, Asoviva is driven by the dream that the sanshin will become an instrument recognized and heard all over the world, in all genres of music.

We have a small group of dedicated staff – talented sanshin players to teach you, and skilled craftworkers to create for you.

We supply beautiful ebony, oak, rosewood, and ironwood sanshin. We have also formed a relationship with the master craftsmen of Koza, who supply all of the necks for our Hongawa sanshin.

Our modern Tropication line sanshin are original designs. They reflect the spirit and beauty of island culture and show the sanshin to truly be a universal instrument.

Every aspect of our sanshin are carefully considered. From doumaki to karakui, we believe the quality and originality of our sanshin will help us reach our dream.

Youta Yamazaki owner manager of Resort instrument Factory ASOVIVA

I love the sanshin!!

Eight years ago I moved from mainland Japan to Okinawa, which is home to the sanshin.

I was working at a resort hotel, and because of my love for the sanshin, I started teaching classes for hotel guests. In only 18 months, we had already taught Kira Kira Boshi(‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’) to more than 1000 people!

In 2005, whether it was talent or luck, I won the best newcomer award in the annual Ryukyu traditional music competition.

In 2006, through the support of friends and family, I was able to open my own sanshin shop in the small seaside town, Yomitan Village.

On January 1st 2010, we celebrated the opening of our new sanshin gallery and shop. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped get Asoviva to this point. To everyone I have taught sanshin(over 5000 people now) – I have enjoyed teaching to all of you. And to everyone who has taken away one of our Asoviva sanshin.

Thank you to everyone.

Although, compared to some of the bigger stores on Koukusai Street, we could still probably fit in one of their window displays. My shop may be small(like me!), but I have a big dream:

To see sanshin played and enjoyed all over the world.

Asoviva will support you 365 days a year. You can call or email our customer service, or even visit our small shop in Yomitan to practice.
The Endless Sanshin – a blog from the owner of Asoviva.
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You can also find us on our YouTube channels which include videos of Youta and some of the ASOVIVA staff playing songs on the sanshin, along with some informative ones and some of our favorites.
Production sanshin exhibition and sale
Please feel free to stop by and visit our gallery and shop in Yomitan Village. Here you find all of the sanshin we currently sell(including the Tropication and Hongawa lines), along with all the accessories you need. You can even have your first lesson with one of our friendly staff.


815-3 Yomitan Village


Okinawa 〒904-0324

TEL: 098-958-7750

FAX: 098-958-3225

EMAIL: info@asovivasanshin.com

HOURS: 9:00 AM-6:00 PM (open 7 days)

If you are having trouble finding our store, please call us on 098-958-7750 for assistance. For people traveling by bus, we also offer a complimentary shuttle service from the bus stop.